At Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital, we believe that preventative veterinary care is the best way to keep your pet healthy and happy. We offer pet wellness exams that do just that! We invite you to learn more about our approach to pet wellness care and what you can expect during a pet wellness visit.

Our Approach to Veterinary Wellness Care

Wellness exam, Pet checkup, our Winnipeg Veterinarians Dr. Pushpinder Mander and Dr. Wineeta Weebadda, focus on providing quality veterinary care for small animals, including dogs, and cats. All care is tailored to your pet’s stage of life and their unique needs. We see ourselves as your partners in caring for your pets. We focus on educating pet owners about pet health needs, hidden dangers in the home, the value of preventative care, and pet diet and health needs. If you ever have a question about how to care for your pet or address undesirable behavior in the home, we are here for you. During every visit to our veterinary clinic, including in a wellness exam, we take time to explain any procedures to you and answer any questions that you have so you feel comfortable.

Wellness Exams from Our Veterinarian in Winnipeg

We use a wellness exam to check up on your cat or dog’s physical health, update any vaccines or medication, make sure your pet is a healthy weight, and perform any additional testing that is needed. We can also perform nail trimming, ear cleaning, or other services during a wellness exam.

At the start of the exam, we will weigh your pet. We will examine his or her physical appearance, check your pet’s teeth and gums, and inspect their eyes and ears. We will feel your pet’s legs and body to check for the presence of masses.

We may ask for a stool sample or collect blood for blood work. Stool, urine, and blood testing can tell us a lot about the health of your pet’s internal organs.

Once we have examined your pet, we will check in with you on any concerns that we have or see if there is anything you would like to discuss. A wellness exam is the perfect place to talk about problem behaviours, anxiety, socialization, vaccination, or other concerns.

Finally, we will give you any medication or special food you need. We can send you home with preventative flea and tick care, heartworm medication, or prescription medication that meets your pet’s needs. If we have done any tests, we will contact you with the results as soon as they come in.

We recommend that pets have an annual wellness exam, while senior pets may require more regular checkups. If it has been a while since your pet’s last wellness exam, contact us today to schedule your pet’s next appointment. For your convenience, you may make an appointment online or call us at 204-452-9010. We look forward to keeping your pet in good health!