If you are looking for top veterinarian care in Winnipeg and the surrounding area, our skilled team at Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital, headed by Dr. Pushpinder Mander has all the services that you and beloved pets need. We specialize in small animal care, including dogs, cats and rabbits.

Basic Services in Winnipeg

If you recently bought a new pet or are ready for an annual checkup, then Fort Garry has all the services you need to keep your pet happy and healthy. Sometimes tooth pain can be one of the most painful conditions for pets, making it difficult for them to eat or enjoy their usual activities. Our clinic provides a variety of pet dental care, including tooth extraction if necessary and related long-term maintenance or tooth cleaning.

Additionally, Dr. Mander and our team can provide common treatments and procedures, such as spay and neuter surgery, which includes a tattoo, 24 hour pain reliever injection, and a complementary nail trim. If you have questions or concerns about feeding your pet, our experts can provide nutritional counseling to find a diet that works as well.


We understand that sometimes your pets need much more than common procedures, which is why our clinic also offers a number of more selective surgeries to treat serious problems. We offer cystotomy to find and remove bladder stones and relieve discomfort. If it is difficult to diagnose what is bothering your pet (perhaps they swallowed something they shouldn’t have) then we can also perform exploratory surgery to find and remove foreign objects. Additionally, our clinic provides orthopedic surgery for various foot problems and soft tissue surgery to help treat serious wounds and other problems.

Tests and Labwork

In addition to providing a variety of procedures, our clinic also has an extensive in-house lab that can handle a number of diagnostic tests. This includes a digital radiography section for examining and sharing radiology images for diagnosis.

Additionally, we can test white blood cell counts, electrolyte counts, urine, fecal smears, and blood glucose for advanced diagnosis. Other tests can help identify thyroid problems, endocrine issues, parvo, feline leukemia, heartworm, Lyme disease, Erlichlosis, and a variety of other problems.


In addition to healthcare and treatment, our veterinarian in Winnipeg provides several cosmetic services. This includes grooming services to help your pet looks its best, as well as more specialized services such as lion cuts for cats for increasingly the comfort of pets while finding the style that you prefer.


Practical safety is always important, which is why Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital also provides a number of important services to help keep your pet safe and healthy throughout its life. We offer micro-chipping, which allows you to track your pet’s movements and find a missing pet quickly without any of the unknowns. We also provide city license initial sign-up and renewals for pet ownership if necessary.