Dogs and cats age much faster than humans. On average, a 10 year old cat is 58 in human years, and a 10 year old dog is between 56 and 78 years old in human years. This means that by the time your pet starts approaching 10 years old, he or she is already a senior.

Senior Pet Care and Wellness Exams for Dogs and Cats

Senior pets need more prudent care than younger animals, in order to catch infections and diseases at their earliest stages so that your pet has the best chance of making a full recovery. We recommend that you schedule senior wellness checks twice a year.

Older cats and dogs are prone to urinary tract infections, kidney and liver disease, certain cancers, heart and circulation problems, arthritis, dementia and general body weakness. As a general rule, these ailments occur slowly, over time, which means you may not notice that your dog or cat is getting sick or in pain. Our wellness exams for older pets can catch many of these ailments before they become eminently life threatening or excruciatingly painful.

Senior wellness exams include all of the items included in our regular wellness exams, including checking for ear mites, fleas, ticks and respiratory ailments. We also check your pet’s coat and take blood and stool samples and look for any irregularities, and we feel for any suspicious lumps and look for pain and weakness in the legs and feet.

If we find evidence of illnesses or arthritis, we will recommend courses of treatment to ease your pet’s pain and treat any ailments or infections.

Health Consulting for Your Senior Pet

Our senior pet consulting services include how to take care of your pet’s joints and help with arthritic pain, dietary care and nutrition, weight control and dental care, including cleaning and tooth extractions. There are medications available to ease your pet’s joint pain and lifestyle adjustments that can help your pet maneuver through your home and sleep better.

Older pets are not as active as puppies and adults. Therefore, they do not need as many calories, and overfeeding your pet and feeding them table scraps can lead to weight gain, which can put excess pressure on the joints and internal organs. We can recommend senior pet food and exercise regiments to help keep your pet active and lose or maintain weight.

Getting your senior pet’s teeth cleaned can help prevent potentially deadly infections and tooth extractions. In addition, we can recommend dental chew toys and biscuits that can help keep your pet’s teeth free of tartar and plaque, and we can show you how to brush your pet’s teeth.

In addition to senior pet examinations, we also offer dental care, spays and neuters, declawing and vaccinations. We offer on-site lab work and sample testing, grooming by appointment only, nail trimming and microchipping.  New clients and walk-in appointments are also welcome. 

To schedule your pet’s senior wellness examination or come in for a senior pet consultation, fill out our appointment form below or call our office at 204-452-9010.

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