Some pet owners can be anxious about bringing their pets in for surgery– but you don’t have to feel that way when you bring your pet to Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Mander and Dr. Weebadda have the skills, training, experience and compassion necessary to help your pet enjoy the happiest possible outcome.

Types of Pet Surgery at Our Animal Hospital

We strive to make pet surgery easy on the patient as possible. Our pre-operative health screenings give us detailed data on your pet’s baseline health so we know exactly how best to proceed, selecting the right anesthetic for your pet and monitoring your pet’s vital signs constantly throughout the procedure. Our surgical services include:

  • Spay and neuter surgery – Spay and neuter surgery can reduce your pet’s risk of reproductive ailments; it also frees your pet from sexually-charged compulsive behaviors that might lead to injuries. Our spay and neuter packages include an identifying tattoo, pain reliever injection and nail trim.
  • Dental surgery or Dental Cleanings – We can remove infected or broken teeth that pose a hazard to other dental structures or cause your pet pain. We also remove dangerous oral cancer tumors, including melanoma.
  • Cystotomy (bladder stone removal) – Cystotomy is a type of surgery prescribed for animals suffering from serious urinary obstructions such as bladder stones.
  • Exploratory surgery (foreign body removal) – If your pet is clearly ill with an internal disorder of some sort, exploratory surgery may be necessary to locate and treat the source of the trouble. This is often the case with foreign bodies that have become trapped in the digestive system. We may use standard surgery to help us locate and remove the foreign body.
  • Orthopedic surgery – Pets can suffer from a variety of painful, debilitating joint afflictions, from hip dysplasia to osteoarthritis and ruptured knee ligaments. Our orthopedic surgery techniques include hip joint replacement, knee surgeries that allow the knee to function without the damaged ligament, and surgery to restrict bone-on-bone pain in severe arthritis cases.
  • Soft tissue surgery – Our veterinary hospital performs a variety of soft tissue surgeries to improve your pet’s health or even save his life. Lumpectomy, the removal of internal or external lumps for biopsy, is a common example. We can also perform surgery to correct congenital organ problems, remove dead tissue, operate on the head and neck and administer C-sections for a pet who cannot safely give birth otherwise.

Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital can help you cast aside your fears about surgery and give your pet the best care possible. Call 204-452-9010 to schedule surgery with your Winnipeg veterinarian!