We offer safe, effective microchipping for dogs and cats.

Benefits of Microchipping Your Pets

How would you find your pet if he or she escaped your home or backyard? Many homeowners immediately state that they would hang lost pet flyers and post on Facebook and other social media sites to alert friends, family members and anyone in the local area. These methods can be helpful at times. However, most of the time pets are found by someone without the owner’s information. The rescuer might not know where or how to return the pet, especially if the animal manages to make it far.

Microchipping can aid in the return of your pet if he or she gets lost. Microchips cannot be easily removed from your pet or accidentally lost like collar tags. Any veterinarian, shelter or rescue with a microchip scanner can scan your pet’s chip and call the microchipping company. The microchipping company then takes your rescuers information and calls you with that information so that you can contact the individual that found your pet.

Pet microchip companies have 24 hour hotlines that pet owners can call when their pet gets lost. The company will then send alerts to all the veterinarians, shelters and rescues in the area. If your pet is found an exceptional distance away from your home, the microchipping company may offer travel assistance.


The microchip that is inserted into your pet contains the information chip, an inductor and a capacitor. The latter two items help power the chip. Fortunately, there is no risk of the chip going dead during your pet’s life.

Pet Microchipping with our Veterinarian in Winnipeg

Microchipping with our veterinarian in Winnipeg is a simple process. The microchip is about the size of a piece of rice. It is inserted into your dog or cat just under their skin at the back of their neck with a special syringe that is already preloaded with the chip, which ensures the chip is sterile.

The chip is programmed with several vital pieces of information, including a detailed description of your pet, your pet’s name, your contact information and the information of our veterinarian.

After your pet has been microchipped, you will receive a packet of information on the chip, the microchip company’s contact information and proof that you own the chip and the pet.

The microchip poses no threat to your pet. Once it is inserted, your pet does not even know it is there. The new chips are built with anti-migration technology, which means it will not float around your pet’s body.

If you adopted your pet from a shelter or rescue, we can scan your pet to make sure he or she does not already have a microchip before we insert the new microchip. If there is a chip found, we will alert you.

To schedule your pet’s microchipping, call our veterinarian in Winnipeg at 204-452-9010.