Our Winnipeg veterinarians offer comprehensive surgical services that can bring your arthritic or injured pet back to a state of wellness. We offer many different orthopedic surgeries designed to fix mobility issues, injuries, lameness, and genetic disorders in pets. Learn the benefits of orthopedic surgery for your pet and how our experienced vets make the process simple for you.

Anterior Cruciate Repair in Winnipeg

If your pet tears a ligament, they cannot maintain their active lifestyle. Your pet will feel pain. The best way to relieve a ligament tear is through anterior cruciate repair surgery.

We perform both the ACL and TPLO procedures. In a TPLO, we will provide support to an injured cranial cruciate by rotating the slope of the tibia. This shift in position helps to stabilize the femur bone, which might otherwise slide downward. This surgery stabilizes the knee, so your pet can move freely.

An ACL surgery repairs a damaged anterior cruciate ligament. We will insert a synthetic material to recreate the ligament structure. We typically require that dogs rest for a period of two weeks after ACL repair, so the incision can heal. At this point, your dog can begin to bear weight on their ligament.

What to Expect From Our Animal Hospital Surgical Services

If your pet is not acting like their usual self, or you observe signs of pain, bring your pet to our animal hospital. We will examine your pet, take x-rays, and perform other diagnostic tests to get the full picture. We will also talk openly with you about the risks and rewards of any surgery. In some cases, surgery is not the best option. Surgery comes with a long recovery and significant stress to the animal. An older dog that suffers arthritis may benefit from a more conservative treatment approach, such as joint supplements and weight loss.

If we believe your pet needs surgery, our veterinarian in Winnipeg will determine the right procedure to repair the torn ligament. When we decide to go ahead with surgery, we will perform a veterinary exam and check your pet’s blood work. We want to determine the safe level of anesthesia to deliver your pet.

We have a state of the art surgical suite where we perform all surgeries. During surgery, your pet will be under close observation by our animal technicians.

Once we wrap up the procedure, we will monitor your pet in the recovery suite. We want to make sure your pet comes out from under anesthesia and shows positive signs of recovery. We are happy to keep your pet comfortable and safe until we believe your pet is ready to go home. When we release your pet, we will provide you comprehensive after-care instructions so you can keep your pet safe while they heal.

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