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Add on grooming services:

  • Blueberry Facial $5.00 + tax
  • Gland Expression (done by our Veterinary Technologists) $30 + tax
  • 2 Step Dental (Brush and Spray) $10 + tax
  • Paw Pad Treatment $5 +tax
  • Full Pawdicure (Nail trim and file included with groom, pad shave and paw trim) $15 + tax
  • Face/Feet/Sanitary Trim $5-$10
  • Dematting $1/Minute
  • Brushout/Deshed $1/Minute
  • Smelly Pet Treatment (2-3 baths) $20

Walk in Services:

  • Nail trim and file with Carly: $20 + tax
  • Face Trim: $10 + tax
  • Sanitary Trim: $15 + tax
  • Paw Pad Treatment $10.00 + tax
  • Full Pawdicure (Nail trim and file, pad shave and paw trim) $30 + tax

Turn to Our Groomer for Pet Grooming in Winnipeg

“People that know me well know that I have a love for two things, animals and art. After graduating with a diploma in graphic design I made a complete career switch to working with dogs at a doggy daycare. From there I moved on to grooming where I was really able to combine my love for animals with my creative abilities and now couldn’t imagine doing anything else. Learning new techniques and attending seminars are very important to me as the grooming world is always changing and evolving. I am familiar with all breed standard cuts as well as the more up and coming creative trims. My goal as a groomer is to work with you and provide individual attention to each and every pet, creating the style best suited for them!”

  • Certified Pet Groomer
  • PPGAM Member (Professional Pet Groomers Association of Manitoba)

Now that you see the value of pet grooming in Winnipeg for helping your pet maintain an optimal state of wellness and comfort, why not rely on our groomer for that service? Call 204-452-9010 to add this form of preventative pet care to your favorite animal’s health routine!