Food Allergy Diagnosis and Treatment at Our Fort Garry Vet Hospital

If your pet is sick with digestive troubles, respiratory symptoms and/or skin irritations, you might find the source of his misery in his dinner bowl. A variety of foods can set off pet allergies and other reactions related to food intolerance/sensitivity, and some the resulting symptoms can closely mimic other diseases and disorders. That’s when you need to bring your dog or cat to Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital. Our skilled team at Fort Garry vet hospital can identify the exact nature of your pet’s allergy or sensitivity and prescribe the appropriate remedies to help him feel better.

Food: A Common Culprit in Pet Allergies

Up to 10 percent of all pet allergies are food allergies. An allergic reaction occurs when a foreign substance is wrongly identified as an invading pathogen by the immune system, which responds by pumping out histamines and antibodies. The histamines cause symptoms such as itchy, swollen areas of skin, ear problems, and respiratory symptoms such as sneezing and coughing — a confusing assembly of reactions that can make you think your pet is suffering from something entirely unrelated. In the most severe cases, a pet may even show signs of anaphylactic shock such as diarrhea, vomiting, and life-threatening breathing problems.

Food intolerances are not the same thing as food allergies, although they can easily be confused for them. If your pet’s system simply can’t handle certain foods, he may be afflicted with chronic diarrhea, vomiting, and other signs of gastric distress without also experiencing skin or respiratory reactions.

Our Veterinarians in Winnipeg Can Help Your Pet Avoid Allergy Triggers

Whatever is ruining your pet’s quality of life, your friends at Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital can help put things right for him again. We will start by giving your pet a thorough exam to eliminate other possible causes of his symptoms, as well as discussing any recent changes in diet your pet has undergone. Our veterinarians in Winnipeg may then put your pet on an elimination diet, swapping out common allergens with hypoallergenic alternatives one ingredient at a time until we’ve identified your pet’s specific allergy trigger.

Once we know exactly what your pet can and can’t eat, we can recommend specific customized diets or pet food products that will provide all the necessary nutrients and none of those debilitating allergens. If it turns out that your pet is suffering from an intolerance instead of an actual allergy, we can modify his diet to remove the offending food.

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