Our Winnipeg Veterinarian Welcomes You!

At Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital, we are proud to be a pet first hospital. This means we strive to put the best interests of our pet patients first. Our Winnipeg veterinarians, Dr. Pushpinder Mander and Dr. Wineeta Weebadda believe in providing knowledge and education to pet owners to help them keep their pets healthy, and in providing quality care at our clinic when pets become ill. We treat dogs and cats like members of our family because we know how important they are to your family.

Winnipeg Veterinarian Offers Pet Vaccinations, Pet Surgery and Pet Dental Care

Our veterinary hospital in Winnipeg provides comprehensive care for pets through all of their life stages. We know that a visit to the pet vet may cause concern for the pet and the pet owner, so we do our best to put you both at ease. To get the newest pet in your family off on the right paw, we offer puppy and kitten appointments that include initial pet vaccinations and deworming. Basic wellness care, diet, exercise and home dental care will be explained by our veterinarian. They will also discuss what age spay and neuter pet surgery is right for your pet.

We recommend bringing pets to our animal hospital for annual examinations so we can keep them current on their pet vaccinations, check their progress, obtain any necessary blood samples and look for any early indications of disease. Your pet should also have a regular dental examination by our veterinary team so we can look for signs of decay or infection, polish your pet’s teeth, to help keep them strong and perform any necessary dental procedures. For older pets, we may advise you on long-term pain management and lifestyle changes that may help keep your pet more mobile and comfortable.

Our veterinary hospital offers a variety of diagnostic and state-of-the-art pet surgery services in Winnipeg to treat the various illnesses and health conditions which may arise during your pet’s life. Some of our services include radiology, endocrinology, cardiology to monitor heart functioning, and dermatology to deal with skin issues. We may also refer patients to area specialists for certain procedures. In the case of an emergency during regular office hours, bring your pet to our Winnipeg veterinarian as soon as possible so our veterinary team can provide emergency care.

Dr. Pushpinder Mander performs many types of pet surgery at our veterinary hospital including spay and neuter, orthopedic and soft tissue as well as dental extractions. We perform necessary duties to insure your pet’s comfort at all steps of a surgical procedure, including pre-operative testing, administering the proper amount of anesthesia, monitoring vital signs closely and providing post-surgical observation and pain management. Some complex surgical procedures may also be referred to a local board certified veterinary surgeon. We also have Dr. Weebadda who preforms spays and neuters, soft tissue surgeries and dental extractions.

The most important part of all our services is explaining the care we provide for your pet. We take the time to talk with you, answer your questions, and treat your pet with care because at Fort Garry Veterinary Hospital we put your pets first.

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